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The primary goal of MANA’s Hermanitas Program is to encourage Hispanic adolescent girls to stay in school, live healthy lives and pursue high academic and career goals. This program offers middle and high school girls a year-long curriculum that focuses on helping them succeed in life, raise their self-confidence and  expectations for the future, develop their leadership skills, set and meet goals to realize their potential and start them on their road to a career that matches their skills and passion. The process involves partnering with their families, schools, community and other organizations.

In the few last years, we have devoted much time to developing an outstanding curriculum that not only teaches the principles of success and planning for college and a career, but also  character development and healthy living. 

Thus far, we have worked with cohorts of 15-20 Latina students at various middle schools in Vista Unified and Carlsbad Unified School Districts. As of May 2013, five cohorts of girls had met the requirements to “graduate” from the program. In our data collection process, we have seen the girls increase their G.P.A (grade point average) as well as their levels of confidence.  They have become more involved in their school and community through performing community service hours. Each of the girls completing the program has made plans to attend college and has indentified a career they plan to pursue. 

Mission Statement

To empower Latinos through Education, Leadership, Development, Health and Fitness, Cultural Awareness, Community Service and Advocacy!

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Board of Directors

Gabriela Hooshmand

President & Co-founder

Corie De Anda

Hermanitas Director

Dulce Miranda

Vice President of External Affairs

Adriana Bruner

Vice President of External Affairs

Claribel Zorrilla

Director of Annual Conference

Maguely Hernandez

Director of Marketing

Victoria Hernandez

Project Management Director

Alan Tornel

Director of PR & Gov Affairs

Grace Redgate

Secretary & Director of Communications

Donna San Miguel


Monica Martinez

Director of Development

Norma Jasso

Director of College Advancement Initiatives

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