A National latina Organization

MANA De North County San Diego

Empowering Latinas at every stage in their life.


Encouraging Latina girls to live healthy lives, have good character, and pursue their dreams.

This program offers middle and high school girls a year-long curriculum that focuses on helping them succeed in life, raise their self-confidence and expectations for the future, develop their leadership skills, set and meet goals to realize their potential and start them on their road to a career that matches their skills and passion. The process involves partnering with their families, schools, community and other organizations.


MANA provides Latinas through leadership development, community service, and advocacy. MANA strives to build a supportive network to uplift Latinas.


The only national youth mentoring program designed for and by Latinas, Hermanitas
provides young Latinas with educational and skill-building opportunities.


Our volunteer opportunities are diverse, giving everyone a chance to contribute their  skills. From event planning  to mentoring programs, everyone can make an impact.

Advocacy for Diverity

We advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, working to remove barriers that Latinas may face and promoting a more inclusive and equitable community.

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